Millwork & Hardware
2024 Collection


As we enter the 3rd decade of serving our clients, we reflect on our history…

AR maintains constant communications with our partners.

AR understands that trust is the foundation of our relationships.

To all of our friends, architects, interior designers, general contractors, landscape architects; We all share a common goal – serving your clients needs.

It is a privilege to be invited to join each new project, working with architects, designers, and general contractors, striving for one common goal, our client.
We are listeners.
We are always absorbing the many cross conversations that take place and transforming those into ideas that create and enhance the finished product, our clients new home.


Architectural Resources excels in high-end decoration with years of experience as a supplier of products for luxury interior design projects. Being a leader in the field of decoration and design, we work with the finest materials, high craftsmanship, and finishes to ensure a durable outcome and an interior of the highest quality. Our product catalog includes thousands of references and caters to all design styles: classic, modern, contemporary, country, colonial or avant-garde. Many designs are modern and contemporary styles, some combine the classicism of the surroundings with the innovative design of our times, others are fully 21st century spirit. We create high-quality projects and offer bespoke, personalized designs, with a dedicated team of talented decorators and architects, creating exceptional interiors.


We maintain constant communication with all our partners.


We understand that trust is the foundation of our relationships.



Our work can be found in some of the finest homes, yachts
and aircraft throughout the world.
Our hardware is influenced by classical, contemporary
and historical designs that blend handcrafted old world
techniques and modern tooling to achieve your unique design.



To all of our friends architects…interior designers,
general contractors, and landscape architects.
We all share a common goal…serving our client’s needs.